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Updated on Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Please read this Privacy Policy with great care.

This Privacy Policy covers the use of this website and all of our games operated with the brand "Sasinosoft" and "Sasinosoft Games", including "GTA Cops and Robbers".

Sasinosoft ("we", "us" and "our") collects your personal data in order to enable the user ("you", "your") to use our website and our games ("services"), while respecting regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 ("General Data Protection Regulation").

According to GDPR, "personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

We respect the privacy rights of our online visitors, and we recognize the importance of protecting their personal data.

By using our services, you authorize us to process your personal data according to this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept any of the terms of this Privacy Policy, please refrain from using our services.

What data do we collect


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IP Addresses

When you use our services, we collect your IP addresses for security reasons. An IP address is the network identifier of a certain device, and it is used by other devices on the same network to refer to that device.

3rd party services identifiers

We might collect 3rd party service identifiers, including but not limited to: Rockstar Social Club license, Steam hex id, Discord snowflake id, FiveM account id. This will not give us access to any of those services, but it allows us to identify you within their platform.

Optional data

We may collect optional data that you can consensually give us, including but not limited to: your e-mail address, your name and your location, wherever it's requested to you to enter those things.

Game data

We store the data that is generated by your actions in our games, for example, your score and your personal preferences.

Chat logs

When you use the optional text chat in-game, your text messages are stored for moderation purposes. Moderators may review your text messages, and use them against you in case you break the game terms.

Voice chat

When you use the optional voice chat in-game, you agree that your voice may be recorded for moderation purposes. Moderators may listen to your voice messages, and use them against you in case you break the game terms.

How do we use your data

The data you submit to our services is collected and used by us as set out in this Privacy Policy. The data will be used to deliver, maintain and improve our services. we also use this data to provide you with services that you request, develop new services, offer you customized content and send you commercial communications.

When you register a Sasinosoft Games Account ("Account"), you automatically subscribe to our newsletter. The subscription can be cancelled at any time in the user Control Panel. we do not share your e-mail address with any third party, unless you consensually set your e-mail address to be public, in that case it will allow other registered users to see it.

Your e-mail address, which is not required to register an Account, will also be used to enhance the available security measures, for example with the 2-factor authentication.

When do we collect your data

When you play our games

Whenever you play any of the Sasinosoft Games using an Account, your game data may be collected by us in order to deliver you a good experience, including but not limited to: your score, your achievements, your ranking, your accesses dates and times and your purchases.

When you use our website

Whenever you access our website, we may collect and store some of your data if you are using an Account. you may enter your personal information at your discretion in parts of our website that allow you to enter text, for example chat, user board, user profile and forum.

What control do you have on your data

You are granted by us, in accordance with the GDPR, specific rights on your data. you may contact us at any time at the address in order to let us know that you wish to benefit of these rights.

Right to data access

You may request at any time a full copy of all the data we have collected about you, and a report of where and how this data was used.

Right to be forgotten

You may request at any time a complete obliteration of your account and of all the personal data associated with it.

Right to rectification

You may request us to rectify inaccurate data at any time.

Right to data portability

You may request a copy of your data formatted in a way that makes it reusable outside of our services.

How do we secure your data

We take your privacy and the security of your personal information very seriously, this is why we use high security standards including, but not limited to:

  • Encrypted HTTPS web connection
  • Encrypted IMAPS / SMTPS mail server
  • Passwords hashed with Blowfish/BCrypt

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